Along our streets lined with Georgian facades and grand and distinctive architecture is hiding something ghoulish this Halloween.  Tenants who are seeking a property to rent are being scared away by the spine-chilling actions of some landlords.&

There have been many well-documented changes in the lettings market over recent years, and most recently the tenant fee ban.  This ban has seen many letting agents re-think how they run their business, with services that were once offered in-hou

Although we are still having the occasional sunny day, the truth is we are heading towards dark nights, cold, wet weather and, with this change, a particular problem can start to arise.  Damp is one of those issues we often don’t truly und

As soon as you tell people you’re selling your home, people will be eager to tell you their own moving stories and offer some bits of advice.  Even as you meet with potential estate agents, we will be advising you how best to present your

There is a new kind of buyer entering the Bath property market, and one which you may not expect.  Busy lives can take us in many directions and, as such, there can be a lack of stability and constant change.  There is no such thing as a jo

There are many things you’ll do when preparing your apartment for sale or rent.  You will have taken time to make sure it’s looking great, but one of the most powerful mistakes you can make is to neglect another of your senses. 

When buying or selling an apartment it’s more than likely that you will be swept into a chain.  A chain is basically buyers and sellers that are linked together as they are buying and selling property from each other.  Decisions made

Our beautiful city attracts visitors from far and wide – its Roman Baths alone are a sight to be seen, and no one can ignore the Georgian dominance throughout our streets.  As popular as it is with tourists, Bath also attracts buyers from

We all recognise how privileged we are to live in a city so steeped in history – no matter where we turn there is evidence of the past for us all to enjoy.  When you live in a city with such heritage, you become accustomed to what you see

The benefits of regular exercise are more understood today than ever before, it is not just the physical benefits but also the mental.  Cycling is one way to add activity into your life, whether you use a bike to commute to work or just for leis

Cities are often seen as places that attract young professionals, with families moving to the suburbs as children arrive.

Many properties have restrictions and limitations; these could be due to classification, such as a listed building, or their structure.