The temperature has dropped, the gloves are on, and whether we like it or not, winter is on its way.

Have you ever made those impulse buys and then, maybe a few days or weeks later, regretted it?

The initial excitement and expectation of selling your home is now well and truly over, you’re now filled with frustration as viewings on your property have dried up.

More than ever before, our lifestyle is extremely important.

In the UK we have this inbred compulsion to own our own home, yet this need is completely the opposite to that of our European cousins.

What type of home do you favour? You may like the sleek lines of a contemporary apartment, or swoon when you see unique features in a period property.

Although as grown-ups our lives in many ways are not dictated by the school year, when September comes it still feels like a fresh start.

Bath’s location, beauty, and glorious lifestyle make it very popular with young professionals.

For a tenant renting a property, the situation can make them feel insecure; there is a certain amount of security that owning a property can bring that renting just can’t.

Bath. Its beauty, heritage and vibrancy make it a year-round tourist destination.

This summer has been incredible so far, waking up and knowing that the sun will be shining has been a dream for our team. There is no doubt that properties always look better in the sunshine, but has this wealth of sunny days put a dampener on people looking to view a property for sale or for rent?

The lettings landscape continues to change and evolve, and the market today is vastly different to that of only a few years ago.