Not everyone becomes a landlord out of a deep-seated passion. For many, a change of circumstances means it is a necessity rather than a choice.

‘Downsizing’ is the term that is used to describe moving from a larger property into one that is smaller and generally more economical.

With the sun beating down, the warm weather is shining a new light on what our city has to offer. Our waters have been attracting people to Bath for centuries, but it’s not just the healing powers that appeal, rather the works being undertaken to help us reconnect with the river.

While searching for an apartment in Bath, you’re faced with an important decision; which apartment level is best for you? While there are benefits for each, there is one that tends to come out on top! Find out which one might fit your lifestyle best:

What to look for and what to AVOID when choosing an agent...

You don’t have to have your own back garden to create an outdoor space where you can enjoy dining al fresco or simply relax and take in the view. All you need are a few pieces of furniture and some greenery to extend the livable square footage of your apartment and create your own outdoor oasis on your patio or balcony.

The papers might be full of stories about demand for property outstripping supply, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to sell your apartment.

If you have a property to sell, you are probably wondering where to start. Who should you go to for help and who can provide you with the specialist advice that you really need?

Being a landlord without a managing agent to support you can be hugely stressful… Responsibilities include problems at a property, tenant background checks, rules and regulations and various measures to protect both parties when it comes

Once you’ve exchanged, you’ll now have a firm completion date, which is when the keys are handed over to the new property owners and both parties move and transfer legal ownership of the property.   The gap between exchange and

It’s very exciting to get an offer accepted on your home, but until you exchange, nothing is guaranteed. The gap between exchange and completion is relatively small compared to pre-exchange, and although most buyers and sellers wish to exchange

We, like many, have had to embrace modern technologies alongside traditional methods, in order to create the best results for our sellers and landlords.   With the majority of people now searching for a property online, a website has becom