Last week, the Bank of England raised interest rates from 0.25% to 0.5%, for the first time in a decade – a move that most of the property industry have been expecting for some time now.     However, this small rise shouldn&rsqu

As part of our commitment to embracing the latest cutting edge technologies to sell our apartments, we are launching next month an online property auction service, in association with IAMSold who have already sold 11,000 properties this way. &nbsp

A 2 bed modern apartment   First-time buyers continue to rise… and I’m not surprised.    Initial reports back in June first reported this growing trend, as sales to first time buyers surged by nearly a third as

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has pledged to offer private sector tenants greater rights, by making it compulsory for private landlords to sign up to an ombudsman redress scheme. Currently, private landlords are not

I do love Autumn, and last week we officially met the autumnal equinox. There’s something magical about the beauty of the leaves changing colour and falling onto the ground, providing a pretty setting and heaps of fun with your family and frien

Despite a good sales market in the last six weeks, as anywhere, there are occasions when sellers can’t attract the price they hope for. In this situation, homeowners either relaunch to market at a later date, or reduce the price. However, for t

Like me, you may have already succumbed to the chillier weather. Whether putting the heating on or wrapping up in front of the fire, we’re happily reminded that we’re heading towards the festive season again – also a time when apart

Most people use an estate agent of some sort to sell their apartment. There are plenty of reasons for doing so… Selling requires good preparation. It’s also stressful, time consuming and a world of mind boggling laws, processes and prope

As mentioned last week, a quarter of UK households are expected to be renting privately by the end of 2021. You therefore need to be the best possible landlord if you’re to attract those who will pay on time, look after your property and stay f

I read recently that with home ownership continuing to fall across the country, it’s expected that almost around five million will be renting by the end of 2021. Unsurprisingly, this is due to rising house prices and wages that aren’t inc

Peter Greatorex of The Apartment Company explains the benefits of using a Member of The Guild of Property Professionals to sell your apartment   Choosing the right estate agent who you can trust to help support you through the mo

The lettings market is one that is very much alive and kicking. Concerns about the extra Stamp Duty charges that were implemented earlier this year seem to have had little effect, as figures from HMRC confirm the tax has not deterred landlords from b