10 reasons why your kerb can sell your home

10 reasons why your kerb can sell your home

We are now officially in spring, the warmer weather is coming, the days are thankfully getting lighter and there are signs of new beginnings. Spring is a busy time in the property market; buyers and sellers alike look to be in a new home before the summer. Summer tends to be quiet as we all look to take a break for the holidays, whereas in winter people prefer to not to move over the Christmas period. Spring is a great time to sell your home as the doom and gloom of winter has gone and colour starts to appear in our lives.

Selling a home is all about first impressions, and there is no bigger first impression than your properties kerb appeal. To make sure you are fully prepared we have put together 10 reasons why your kerb can sell your home.

1. Front door

Your front door can make a statement or disappointment. It maybe a communal front door but it is still the first thing that a buyer will see when they arrive at your property. Make sure you give it a clean and if possible, a fresh coat of paint. Think about the choice of colour to ensure it complements the period of your property.

2. Door number

You will be surprised by the number of properties that do not display the number of their property on the door. The last thing you want for a viewing is potential buyer’s that are confused by which property is yours.

3. Plants

No matter now small your front area is, there is always potential to add planting. Use pots or plant boxes and fill them with seasonal in bloom plants and flowers. Make sure you have eradicated any unwanted weeds or moss to give a clean and fresh appearance.

4. Steps

We all know how grime can creep up from the street on our steps and pathways. Give them a spring clean with a power washer and you will see them come back to life.

5. Neighbours

How your neighbours home is presented can reflect on yours, if you feel they are looking a little worse for wear why not offer your services to give them a quick makeover.

6. Bins

Bins have the ability to make the most beautiful property look less attractive. If it is bin day, organise for your bin to be collected by a neighbour or a friend.

7. Create symmetry

Symmetry creates a sophisticated entrance if you are adding plants or trees make sure you place one on either side of the front door.

8. Lighting

Ensure your property has outside lighting, remember your potential buyers will probably visit your property at different hours of the day and night, a night makes it feel more homely but also secure.

9. Exterior façade

Just like your front door, the façade will give an instant impression of your home. We are blessed with having some of the most beautiful architectural buildings that create an impression with their form, but you can enhance this by making sure that the windows have been cleaned and window frames have a fresh coat of paint.

10. Parking

If you property comes with parking, make sure this space is empty of directions to it have been given to your estate agent. Frustrations in finding somewhere to park can mean that the viewing starts on the wrong foot, give your buyers options of where they can park allowing them to arrive at your property with a smile.

Creating the right kerb appeal will help any potential buyer to start falling for your home before they open the door. At The Apartment Company, we are here to support you through all aspects of selling a property, and this includes how to present your home for sale. For a specialist service, you need a specialist estate agent, The Apartment Company.

Buying a house for oneself can surely be one of the best and most pleasant experiences in a lifetime. After all, it’s an investment that requires careful research. And only after a well thought out plan coupled with effective implementation, the perfect property is bought. Now comes the next part; if the purchased house or apartment would be used as a buy-to-let one. In that case, homeowners should be particularly wary about how they must carry out the work.

Are you letting out a property for the first time? Or have you often faced a lot of problems while searching for a rental property? Well, in the current property market, letting out as well as finding a property can be a real challenge. Have several people recommended that you should hire a letting agent but you are not sure about it? Don’t worry! You are not the only property owner with this confusion. If you talk to landlords, you may get contrasting opinion about the need of a letting agent. Few landlords just don’t do their job without a letting agent while others simply don’t hire one. So, instead of believing the opinion of others, you need to analyse your requirement.