10 unwritten rules to help sell your home

10 unwritten rules to help sell your home

Selling your home is not only about the things you can see, but also, those you can’t. Kind and thoughtful gestures you take the time to present to buyers will make your apartment feel like a home. If you want your property to make a statement in a viewing, check out our 10 unwritten rules to help sell your home.

1. Finishing touches
Before every viewing you should make sure you have added some finishing touches, these are simple gestures that add colour and life to your apartment. These can be as simple as a vase of flowers, fresh towels, or a bowl of lemons and limes in the kitchen.

2. Pet-less
As much as we all love our pets, when it comes to viewings your apartment should be pet free. Pets can distract from the job at hand and you want potential buyers focused on your apartment and not your cat. Potential buyers could also be allergic or may not be a pet lover (yes they do exist), you don’t want your furry friend preventing any offers.

3. Down is best
This may seem like a simple and a rather petty rule, but your toilet seats should always be closed. This is not because we believe that yours is not the essence of cleaning goodness, but you want your buyers eyes focused on your bathroom and not inside your toilet.

4. Check the temperature
No matter how stunning your apartment is the temperature can influence how a buyer feels about your home. In the winter months, set your heating to come on before a viewing so as they enter your home it feels warm and inviting. Similarly during the summer, when temperatures are rising (we hope), give your estate agent permission to open the windows. Not only will it cool down any rooms that are blessed with an abundance of sunlight, but it will also allow a gentle breeze to flow through your home.

5. Aromas
Imagine opening the door to a property and being met with a wall of aromas, from that moment right there you have given any potential buyer an impression of your home. There are a few common mistakes when it comes to smells in your home. The night before a viewing think about you are cooking as strong fragrant scents could remain the morning after. Never worry about baking, as this is a pleasing aroma as well as fresh coffee. Other aromas to be aware of are pets, try and remove any beds or items where their smell will linger, also strong scented fresheners can also be overpowering.

6. Say goodbye
At The Apartment Company we undertake all viewings on your behalf, therefore there is no need to be present. In fact remaining in your apartment while a viewing is taking place can be detrimental to your sale. Buyers will not feel as comfortable or willing to speak their mind, it may also prevent them from asking all those questions that they would like answered.

7. Think about the parking
If you have a parking space with your apartment, keep it clear and through your estate agent inform potential buyers that this space is available for them. Parking issues cannot only cause frustration for buyers when trying to make a viewing time, but it can also put the viewing on the wrong foot from the start. You want your potential buyers to walk into your home with a smile and not a frown.

8. Tempt them
If you enjoy baking why not leave a couple of treats for your potential buyers, not only will this be a kind gesture but it will also give them an opportunity to spend longer in your home. Whilst they are enjoying your goodies, they will also feel more relaxed and hopefully start to feel at home. In the summer tempt them with a chilled jug of a refreshing beverage.

9. Don’t take it personally
Any feedback you receive from your estate agent should be seen as constructive, they are working hard to sell your home. Make sure you are listening to your estate agent, their knowledge and experience is guiding you to a sale. If there is something that is preventing buyers making an offer than could be changed, don’t take it personally and change it!

10. Be flexible
Should your potential buyers request another viewing or information on your property, try and adhere to their request as soon as possible. You may be one of a couple of properties they are considering; therefore, any delays could sway their decision in another direction.

When selling your home don’t forget about these unwritten rules, in the fast moving market in Bath everything little detail helps make your home stand out. For more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, contact a member of our sales team.

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