7 benefits of working with The Apartment Company

7 benefits of working with The Apartment Company

When you’re looking to sell your apartment you have various decisions to make, one of which is who will sell your home? To help you decide, we have put together 7 of the key benefits you will find when working with The Apartment Company.

1. We’re apartment specialists

The number one reason buyers come to us is because we work in a niche market, they know we will have a wonderful range of properties for them to view, but we also know the apartment market and its unique features. Vendors know that we attract buyers so a cycle of supply and demand continues to flow.


2. Save you time


You don’t have to make yourself available to conduct a viewing at a time suitable for a buyer. By acting on your behalf, we arrange and conduct each and every viewing.

3. Giving you a price advantage


Unlike other agents who will give you an exact sales figure, we operate a price range strategy. This allows us to fully explore the market and also doesn’t influence the buyer on the kind of offer to make. This is why we can achieve on average c. 1% higher sales price than the asking price.

4. Perfecting negotiation tactics


We have, and continue to, invest in our team to ensure they are skilled in the art of negotiation. Not all estate agents are good negotiators, but at The Apartment Company, we want to achieve the best we can for you and your home, which is why effective negotiation skills are necessary.


5. Fluent in the local market


The property market can fluctuate quickly and there are always regional and local variations. One street that was performing lower than its neighbour could, for one reason or another, start to rise. It is being acutely aware of these changes before they happen, advising our clients and proactively acting, that provides you with a service that is always in the best interest of your property.

6. Navigating you and your sale


From the moment you list your property to completion, you will be submerged into the sales process that can sometimes be complicated, stressful and confusing. We navigate you through each step, explaining the process, offering reassurance and driving your sale forward by reducing delays and solving issues.


7. We get the job done


You want to look back on your move in a positive light, and with The Apartment Company you can do just that. As simply put, when it comes to selling your apartment we get the job done!