An honest account of the current market

An honest account of the current market

As an estate agent it would be easy for us to paint a rosy picture to our clients of the current property market to win business, but that’s not how we operate at The Apartment Company.  We know that the property market has its peaks and troughs and sometimes a change of tack is needed to service our clients’ best interests.  The truth is, if you’re looking to sell your property, now may not be the best of times.
There has been a slowdown in the Bath property market, one that we cannot ignore.  As such, we are seeing sellers having to reduce the price of their property to get it sold.  With this in mind, it may be worth looking at other solutions that could potentially provide you with a better financial outcome. 
The private rental market is buoyant, and we are constantly finding it difficult to meet the demand.  Working with some of our sellers, we have been assisting them to get their properties ready for the rental market so they can wait until a stronger market turns.  In the words of our Managing Director, Peter Greatorex, “When the political situation calms down and we get Brexit out of the way, I have no doubt that the market will take off again at due to pent up demand and a lack of stock, so don’t rush to accept an offer you’ll regret.”
The reality of renting is not what is often described in the national press, and with the support of our dedicated team who will guide you every step of the way, the transition from selling to renting can be smoother than you think.  Finding the right tenants for your property is a priority; ‘first come, first served’ is not a strategy we use.  You need to have peace of mind that the people living in your home will actually take care of it during their tenancy.
We acknowledge that not everyone will be in the position where renting their property is an option, but before you dismiss the idea completely, why not come and have a chat with our rental team.  When you have all the information you can then make the decision that is best for you and your family.
For an honest conversation, contact our lettings team on 01225 303870.

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