Four signs it may be time to sell

Four signs it may be time to sell

Moving home is a huge decision, one that many ponder for a long time. In Bath there is a stronger sense of taking action, rather than holding on for what may happen with, dare we say it, Brexit. Buyers and sellers are back with confidence, ready to move on to their next adventure.  If you are struggling with the decision, there may already be signs staring you in the face, have you seen them?  Here are four? signs that may be telling you it's time to sell.

1. You have some equity to play with
You may have lived in your home for a number of years, or the area where you live has seen greater demand, thus putting the prices up.  Should you be in the lucky position of having a high level of equity in your home, you may wish to use this to help you move.  Downsizing could potentially offer you the luxury of paying off your mortgage; or, you could have your dream home in your sights and realise it's now or never.  It's always beneficial to take professional financial advice, but having equity gives you options – where will your dreams take you?
2. You can afford to move
Moving home costs money; from deposit to fees, to stamp duty and moving costs, the various elements of buying and selling a home can mount up.  Perhaps you have some savings, or have received a bonus and realise that, with this little pot behind you, now might be the time to go and find that next home.  If you're not the best saver it can be easy for this money to dwindle over time as you tap into it for one thing or another.  Therefore, if you want to move, commit yourself to it now so that you put your savings to good use.
3. Buyers are there 
There are many active buyers in Bath looking for an apartment, from period gems to contemporary abodes.  This is the busy season for buyers, with many hitting the viewing trail as soon as the New Year bells started to chime.  The demand from buyers creates competition, which is what you want when looking to achieve the best possible price for your property.  Our sales team will offer you the best advice on how to present your home for sale, so you can maximise your apartment's potential and get you moving sooner rather than later.
4. The love has gone
Like many great love stories there comes a time when the passion you once had starts to fade.  It's just part of life that your home's little quirks that once brought a smile have now started to irritate you.  Space might be closing in around you, or you may be rattling around with unused rooms.  Breaking up is hard to do, even when you know it's the right thing. Rather than dragging things out and getting more frustrated, recognise that things have changed and that now saying goodbye is the right thing to do.

When you know that the time has come to sell your apartment, come and chat to our sales team at The Apartment Company – we can make sure you're spending the summer in your new home.

Before you even think of choosing the right buyer for your home you should have prepared well for viewers and ‘staged’ accordingly. Staging and preparation for such an undertaking doesn’t have to be complicated. Once that’s done you need to choose the right buyer who matches what you’re looking for. Here are a few ideas on how to pick the most ideal purchaser of your home.

Finding a property for rent can be challenging! But you will be surprised to know that tenants are not the only ones facing the challenge, landlords face an equal problem in finding tenants. Having a property or portfolio of properties won’t be much of use to you, if you are not able to fill them with good tenants. Long gone are the days where landlords had the upper hand. The competition among landlords in UK is increasing as more landlords are putting their property in the saturated market.