Give your buyers some magic and sparkle

Give your buyers some magic and sparkle

Lights have been switched on, Christmas adverts are competing for our attention and around the UK many of us are starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  The season itself is more than an event; it is wrapped up in many emotions, kind of like moving home.  That childlike tingle you get when you know you have found the one, and that sensation in the pit of your stomach when you’re given the keys and you open the door for the first time knowing that this apartment is now your home.


When you’re selling your home it’s easy to be swept away with the season, therefore we want to give you some handy tips so that you and your buyers can both enjoy the magic and sparkle.  At The Apartment Company, we believe that selling your home is all about the senses and during the festive season you really can have some fun.


Scrap the plugins, and go for natural.  If you have a real tree you will know there is nothing more delicious that the scent of pine filling a room.  Make our own room scents using infused herbs, spices and fruits.  Not only do they smell nice but they’re so beautiful that you would want them on display.  Imagine a mason jar filled with oranges, cinnamon, and cloves and maybe a touch of allspice, potential buyers will be fascinated by the scent and also your creativity.


I don’t know about you but brrrrr the weather has changed, so warm your buyers by lighting your fire and putting your heating on.  Now when they step out from the cold they will start to feel cosy, what a great way of making them feel at home.


Deck the halls with boughs of holly, where possible decorate with natural foliage it will really enhance the features of your apartment.  But also be mindful of holding back on the grotto look.  Buyers will be expecting decorations but they also want to view your apartment that will be hard if it’s filled with tinsel and large singing snowmen.


When people are viewing a property they often think where they would place their Christmas tree, which is why this season is so powerful.  Allow your home to create the right impression and they could be leaving your apartment thinking ‘All I want for Christmas is you’.


The Apartment Company, granting some moving wishes this Christmas

Many properties have restrictions and limitations; these could be due to classification, such as a listed building, or their structure.

When selling your home, you'll want prospective buyers’ most in-demand features to be at the front and centre of your sales strategy.

During your house hunting quest, chances are you will only see a given house at its best; perfectly organised, expertly staged, and clean. This gives you a perfect picture that lures you into buying the house; however, you might be missing a lot; recurrent water problems, rat and termite infestations, past flooding cases, etc. These are the things that eventually cost you a lot.