Landlord event a success

Landlord event a success

I spoke a while ago about how our lettings department had grown over 300% in the last four years, as demand for good quality apartments in prime locations continued to grow. Shortly after this, we hosted our first complimentary landlord seminar at the Francis Hotel Bath, and I was blown away by how successful it was. A full house is an understatement! 
Teaming up with other local businesses, we spoke about key issues that landlords cannot ignore as they plan for long-term financial success. These included topics such as tax issues, how the local market is performing and legal matters.  Despite all the challenges the lettings industry has faced recently, it was clear to see that confidence was sky high amongst past, present and future clients. We shall be organising a second event soon.
So how are we finding Bath’s rental market performing at the moment? We are still securing tenants quickly for our apartments, letting on average twelve apartments a month. Over the last month alone we let just over 20. Meanwhile, our sales transactions are up 50%. Demand is not coming from just the local area but London, and even overseas too from those seeking a safe investment in a prime location. 
I know there has been a lot of caution about the buy to let sector, but it’s still an excellent time to be a landlord. With everything Bath has to offer, tenants like living here. As apartments specialists, 100% of our tenants are looking for apartments just like yours, so please do let me know if I can help let yours.

When it comes to moving house there are many pitfalls and traps that you could fall into, but it doesn’t always have to be a stressful and problematic experience.

If there isn’t much interest in your rental, what can you do?

It is said that home is where the heart is, but in reality, we know that it’s more than that. We long to find a place we belong, it doesn’t matter whether that’s for a few months or several years.

When it comes to deciding whether you should improve your existing home or take the next step in moving, this decision can sometimes be a difficult one to make. It is something that a lot of homeowners are currently facing particularly when there are more stagnant periods in the housing market. Below, we have highlighted what you may need to look into in order to make the right decision.