Let herbs and nature enhance the selling power of your home

Let herbs and nature enhance the selling power of your home

As I was walking through Bath to a viewing the other day, I saw a ladybird. Nothing strange in that you may think but how often do you see them today rather than back in your youth? When viewing a property the abundance of nature in your outdoor area can have such a positive impact as it makes your garden literally come alive.


The beauty of where we live is defined by our countryside, architecture, sense of community and lifestyle. But the beauty and need for green spaces truly can transform a city. The High Line in New York City is a linear park in the heart of Manhattan; it proves a haven amidst the chaos of one of the busiest cities in the world. We all need a haven in our lives and the combination of plants and nature can help transform a space to an idyllic setting that buyers or tenants will want to relax in.


June was one of the wettest on record and as such has had a damaging effect on some of our favourite species. With the weather due to change over the next few weeks, you can do your bit to help our nature thrive again in our Bath gardens. It doesn’t matter if you have a window box, a courtyard with a few plant pots or a beautiful garden, every little thing you can do to help will ensure that our favourite creatures of today will remain for the next generation and beyond.



Due to the weather, the ladybird faces decline as recently hatched larvae have been washed away. The larvae are not as pretty as their adult selves being dark in colour and having long tails and bumpy skin. The ladybird is the gardener’s friend riding plants from whitefly, greenfly, coccids and mealy bugs, but our native ladybirds are under threat from an alien species known as the Harlequin Ladybird who find our little bugs very tasty and have been eating them to the point of extinction.


If you would like to join me in helping boost their numbers in our gardens you can buy native larvae as a pest control for your garden, what better way to eliminate pests rather than using chemicals which could cause harm to other creatures. To encourage them to stay or keep returning, plant pollen rich herbs such as dill, parsley, and thyme.


It has been highly publicised that our honey bees are in danger, although it is not fully understood why their numbers have significantly declined it is thought that increased use in pesticides, loss of flower-rich habitats, changes in the climate and disease have contributed. Any pesticides used in your garden can be harmful to bees as the chemicals find their way into the bees’ system. Bees really like a variety of pollen enriched plants but this summer plant herbs such as chives, mint, oregano, and rosemary.


Another intoxicating creature that is sadly in decline is the butterfly, it is hard to imagine our gardens and skies not filled with these incredible decorative creatures. The Swallowtail Butterfly are large and beautifully colourful, to help protect them and attract them to your garden plant some fennel. The Swallowtail lays its eggs in the foliage and the flowers are a popular source of nectar for the butterfly and others. Fennel, like mint, is best planted in its own tub or plant pot, as it doesn’t play nice with others.


Food for thought

Potential buyers and tenants are looking for a home, a home is a place that is filled with memories, stories and is a wonderful place to live. Plants are a perfect way of adding warmth to an apartment, inside or out, they can transform an area to a welcoming space you want to spend time in. Selling an apartment is as much about the stories held within the property than it is the four walls. Buyers and tenants want to not just see but hear how they can use the space and its unique features, how wonderful would it be to hear that your herb garden has been designed not just for your gastronomic adventures but also to protect our ladybirds, bees, and butterflies.

If you’re thinking of buying, selling, letting or renting an apartment in Bath us the apartment specialists who know how to sell the story of your home.



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