Maximise your properties at our Free Seminar

Maximise your properties at our Free Seminar

On the 9th March we will be hosting, together with Bath accountancy firm Milsted Langdon, a free seminar for landlords and property owners, which will provide you with the unique opportunity to meet the experts to aid you in maximising your property investments.


Peter Greatorex, Managing Director of The Apartment Company said; “ With so many legislative changes to the letting industry in the past 12 months, we wanted to introduce our clients to professionals who are best placed to advise on the effects of these changes, and how it will impact them.”


We believed it was essential to cover all aspects of property ownership that exceed the service we offer as a letting agent. Our team are often asked questions on how to reduce costs, tax liabilities and strategies to increase their rental yields. These helped to form the structure of the evening programme which includes:

• Tax and SDLT issues, Milsted Langdon

• Marketing and attracting the right tenant, The Apartment Company

• The legal implications of letting and owning a property, Thrings

• Mortgage advice/ options, L & C

Ian Lloyd, a partner at Milsted Langdon’s Bath office, approached Peter as he wanted to team up with a high profile estate agent that was geared up to deal with buy-to-let investors. We had been looking to launch a series of seminars this year, Milsted Langdon had already run similar successful events in Bristol, therefore this joint venture seemed the perfect place to start.

The other two companies providing their expertise to the free seminar are Thrings and L & C. “L & C are one the UK’s leading firms of mortgage brokers, I have personally used them and The Apartment Company has been referring clients to them for around 7 years. They bring a wealth of knowledge and access to a number of exciting buy-to-let mortgages which our clients could benefit from.


Thrings are local solicitors and our neighbours in Queen Square. Bill Thomas and his team are amongst the most helpful solicitors in Bath and again, bring considerable experience and knowledge from a legal perspective,” said Peter.


The aim of the seminar is to ensure our clients have the knowledge they need to plan for long-term financial success. We hope you will feel empowered to move forward with confidence and grow your property portfolios.


The seminar is being held at the Francis Hotel in Bath on Thursday 9 March at 6pm. There are now a limited number of spaces available, to reserve yours email or call 0800 170 0147.

For a tenant renting a property, the situation can make them feel insecure; there is a certain amount of security that owning a property can bring that renting just can’t.

Renting a home might have always been seen as a lesser to buying one, but what you may not realise is that there are plenty of benefits to renting a home rather than owning one. One of the biggest benefits is that when things go wrong within the house, 9 times out of 10 it is not going to be something that you need to pay out (or organise) to be fixed. So, when is a maintenance repair job something to do with you and when do you need to leave it up to your landlord?