Over a quarter buy on the first viewing

Over a quarter buy on the first viewing

I do love Autumn, and last week we officially met the autumnal equinox. There’s something magical about the beauty of the leaves changing colour and falling onto the ground, providing a pretty setting and heaps of fun with your family and friends. The air feels fresher, there’s pumpkins galore, bonfire night to look forward to, log fires to enjoy and conker tournaments to prepare for.


At this time of year, buyer activity picks up too, having returned from their summer holidays and keen to move into their new apartments by Christmas. Amongst its autumnal backdrop, properties can look stunning, and with buyer competition higher than just a few weeks ago, it’s therefore crucial that sellers make sure their home is presented in its best light to achieve the optimum price on a timely scale.


This comes back to one of my favourite clichés – creating that all important good first impression. House prices in Bath are higher than the national average, so buyers expect good quality. They will only pay more if the property itself matches the selling price. 


Tesco Bank has just conducted a survey which corroborates this, which found that over a quarter of those who have purchased their home in the last 12 months decided to buy on the strength of their first viewing. So it’s worth making sure your apartment is one of them.


A good clean and a tidy up can go a long way to making a space more appealing. Also fix things like leaking taps and broken lightbulbs, declutter and enhance kerb appeal. Professional home staging can also help attract higher asking prices too.

You’ve probably already heard of the term ‘Bitcoin’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ - it’s been the mainstream talk of the town, the value of many of them has also risen several thousand % over the last couple of years, but can it change the way you buy a house?