The tale of Bath is like a never-ending story

The tale of Bath is like a never-ending story

Our screens are filled with seasonal adverts, from John Lewis and Waitrose’s excitable dragon Edgar who, no matter how hard he tries, seems to spoil the town’s Christmas fun, to the Sainsbury’s Charles Dickens themed story showing Father Christmas as a child. McDonald’s love their reindeer treats and, of course, let’s not forget Kevin the Carrot.  Each Christmas new tales are told, adding to the magic and sparkle of the season, but the tale of Bath is a never-ending story.
We love where we live and work; the history, the vibrancy, the contrasts and the warmth, it’s a city that, once visited, is always thought of fondly.  It draws people from all over the world and has done for generations – our unique thermal springs saw the Romans flock here, and today more and more people are discovering the wealth of opportunities Bath has to offer, whether that’s for work, rest or play.
As the days to Christmas start to dwindle away, make sure you’re making some new memories to add to those of years gone by.  No one likes a Scrooge, so get your skates on at the Royal Victoria Park Ice Rink – no one cares if your style is more of a lamb on ice rather than Torvil and Dean, the main thing is that you’re doing something together and having fun.
Our city can often transport you to places new, and that can certainly be said if you visit the Apres Ski Bar at the Abbey Hotel.  Snuggle up on their faux fur seats and indulge in a mulled wine whilst you take a break from those shopping slopes.  Children can also be transported through a very colourful Christmas Eve at the American Museum and Gardens.  Inspired by the magical poem,’Twas the night before Christmas’, and their love for colour, pattern and texture, they’ve created a colourful family friendly event you have to experience.
Although at this time of year we look to the future, it’s also good to honour the past.  If you’re interested in history you may enjoy discovering how Christmas was celebrated over the years.  At No.1 Royal Crescent you can see Christmases from wartime, festive Victorian cards and trees and of course, the elegant simplicity of the Georgians that we’ve long admired.
This Christmas you will be adding to the millions of festive stories that have been told and celebrated in Bath, make sure that you make the city part of your tale this year.  Should a move be in your thoughts come and chat to our team at The Apartment Company, we know how to make things happen, especially at Christmas.

Despite Government regulations that have been in place since the 26 March 2020, when in-person viewings were made illegal

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