Using targeted marketing to find the perfect tenant

Using targeted marketing to find the perfect tenant

Finding a property for rent can be challenging! But you will be surprised to know that tenants are not the only ones facing the challenge, landlords face an equal problem in finding tenants. Having a property or portfolio of properties won’t be much of use to you, if you are not able to fill them with good tenants.  Long gone are the days where landlords had the upper hand. The competition among landlords in UK is increasing as more landlords are putting their property in the saturated market. 

Marketing is really important to make your property visible to potential tenants. Your marketing efforts will yield better results if you focus on your marketing efforts to a targeted audience. Here are few ways in which you can use targeted marketing to find the perfect tenant –

Do your homework – Remember, different people look for different amenities in a home. So, you first need to make a list of amenities that your property is offering.  Next, you need to customise your marketing strategy based on the target audience.  Apart from the property, also make a list of features of areas that the property is situated in.

Use the power of social media – Tenants and prospective tenants are leveraging the power of social media to find an accommodation. So, if you are a property owner, the first step is to create and optimise your social media accounts. Post pictures of your property, share your property in groups related to people looking for rental property and more.

Get personal – The only way to attract potential tenants is to stand out from the crowd. So, it is better to go personal in your communications. One effective way to market to a targeted audience is by bringing personalisation and build a genuine connection.

Location is important – Location is quite an important deciding factor when it comes to renting properties. For example, if there is a college or university nearby, you should target your marketing efforts to students. In case you are targeting families, highlight the benefits of the location like proximity to station, stores and other transport options.

Look through the eyes of the tenant – When it is your property, you will always see the good points about the property. But, you are not the one who is going to reside in it. So, look at the property from the eyes of who may reside in it. So, if you do not reside in the area of the property, you need to make yourself familiar with it.  Look out for things that a tenant will look out for in and around your property.  Compare the price of your property with the others being offered in the area.

Happy tenants not only feel well treated, but they also keep the property in a good condition. Problems with tenants will not only cause you money but also result in stressful situations.  Finding a tenant over and over can be really stressful; so, it is important to make the right choice of a tenant in the first place. 

Over the past years, cases of rogue landlords have crept their way in. This gives the letting industry a negative reputation. Although, you may find that from ten landlords, only a small number have unprofessional tendencies, masking the entire industry negatively. Having a peaceful and fruitful encounter with the landlord is every tenant's desire. To achieve this, we have outlined some of the issues you may consider avoiding to fulfill your desire. This applies whether you are looking for a house from the available online portals or the physical search. Read on!