Why isn’t your apartment selling?

Why isn’t your apartment selling?

If your apartment isn’t selling, it may be time to reassess things, as a slow market cannot be used to justify this delay in Bath.


Our City has a notoriously strong property market – you only need read leading industry reports to see this. Even in the lead up to Christmas when everybody believes it to be traditionally quieter, we actually had fourteen deals between mid- November and New Year.


The problem is, by now, your apartment is probably starting to look stale in the eyes of prospective buyers. Questions start to arise such as ‘Well what’s wrong with it? Why hasn’t it sold yet?,’ which could impact what your home is worth to them.


Here are a few things to think about to help get you back on track..


Do you need new photography?

Pictures paint a thousand words and are where first impressions count. For example, if you have poor quality ones, you are portraying poor accommodation. If your Christmas decorations are still up, you’re highlighting that you’ve been on the market a while. Sometimes it just takes an overhaul to create interest.


Are you using an apartment specialist?

Make sure you are using somebody who has a good track record for selling your type of home.


What does your apartment look like?

If your apartment looks messy or people can see wallpaper peeling off the walls, cracked tiles, dripping taps, blown lightbulbs and so on, they’re going to be put off. Good presentation is key. 


Is it being promoted properly?

If not, people aren’t going to know your apartment exists. Make sure it’s appearing on the three major portals – Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation -  being advertised locally and has a key spot on your agent’s window display. 


Does your apartment have a virtual tour?

Out of area and overseas buyers often like a virtual tour before commuting to an actual viewing.


Have you considered going off-market?

Low key marketing can be a very good approach but you need to be with an agent that attracts an audience specific to what you are selling.


It might be worth switching agents…  

Do your research and ask friends and family who they recommend. Don’t choose somebody based on who offers the lowest fee – instead ensure they are good at selling apartments and offer a cohesive marketing and pricing strategy that will attract the best result possible for you.

The ability to reap additional profits on the sale of your apartment can be accomplished easily enough, if you make the improvements. Many changes can provide the prospective buyer with enhanced feelings about your home. Feelings of more space, more light, more rooms, more closet space, greater privacy, warmth and security. Basic, simple and inexpensive improvements can provide an improved emotional response in a potential buyer.