Why it’s important to not let technology dominate estate agency

Why it’s important to not let technology dominate estate agency

I was chatting to a friend of mine over the weekend and he was telling me about a food festival he had been to. “Our family had a wonderful time, it wasn’t just the stalls but at the heart of the festival was a large field which had a selection of circus skills for the kids to try. There were unicycles, spinning plates, hula-hoops and more. The children were running around playing in the sunshine without a tablet or any technology insight,” he told me. Technology is key to our lives, businesses and education but it has its place, but its great to have the childlike freedom to just enjoy and explore and connect.


As a business it would be easy just to rely on technology, with so many advances in the proptech sector, there seems to be a tool, which can almost do everything. It is exciting to see such developments and how they can enhance our business for the better. Our lives seem to be held in our hands today as we use our mobiles for everything from emails to shopping to dating. It is therefore, important that we find ways to use the right technology without it dominating what we do.


So why are we cautious?

Let’s look at what is happening in society, the 80’s and 90’s saw a boom in technology, which found us turning into gadget geeks. The age of convenience led to a rise in us being able to purchase faster, easier and cheaper. But as we in many ways have tech overload we have also been rebelling. There has been a rise in the number of people growing their own fruit and vegetables, indulging in home baking and also a desire for our children to experience the kind of innocent experiences we did as children.

There is no doubt that technology is essential and it does allow us to do certain things better, but there is also a danger that you can rely on it so much you loose one of the most crucial hearts to estate agency, and that’s people.

It was the people who ignited my passion for this industry, there is nothing more rewarding and humbling than to see the look on buyers faces when they find that property they wish to call home. The challenge and joy of assisting a landlord in growing his/her property portfolio, and seeing the ‘thank you’ on the face of a tenant when we have resolved an issue swiftly in their rental. No piece of technology in this world can replace this.


The essential need for balance

Balance is important in all our lives, and I believe in business it’s crucial. We have plans to introduce some fantastic new technological systems, which will allow us to connect to you in new and fascinating ways. But no matter how appealing the systems that are presented to us I am always conscious that we ensure there is a balance. Technology should always support what we do and nothing should ever replace that most natural and crucial part of our business – personal connections.

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Whether you are a first time homebuyer or someone who has purchased in the past, buying a home is one of the largest purchases that you’ll make in your life which can seem very exciting yet daunting at the same time. There are various things to look at, but the most important is the home survey.

Finding a property for rent can be challenging! But you will be surprised to know that tenants are not the only ones facing the challenge, landlords face an equal problem in finding tenants. Having a property or portfolio of properties won’t be much of use to you, if you are not able to fill them with good tenants. Long gone are the days where landlords had the upper hand. The competition among landlords in UK is increasing as more landlords are putting their property in the saturated market.