Why people are downsizing to apartments

Why people are downsizing to apartments

We work with many clients who have lived in a house their whole lives, yet are looking to downsize to an apartment. There are numerous advantages for doing so, with a lock-up-and-leave option being high on the agenda.


Bath is known for its Georgian architecture, offering people the opportunity to live amongst our heritage and culture. We have plenty of Listed apartments, which adds huge appeal as a result. Whether in a contemporary or traditional style, they provide plenty of character with large, bright rooms and plenty of period features.


However, empty nesters are increasingly being attracted to luxurious new-build developments too.  They want smart rooms to entertain in with open-plan kitchens and living spaces. State of the art gadgets to play with are also popular, as well as on site facilities, and something with high-tech security so it’s easier to lock up and leave when they go travelling.


It’s also about a lifestyle choice. The lure of city living, and you can really only live in the heart of a city by being in an apartment. They want to be close to architecture, shows, boutique shops and so on, whilst enjoying life’s mod cons back home.


Apartments are a lot easier to maintain too. You don’t need to hoover as much or have as many windows to clean. Garden maintenance, if any, will be smaller and upkeep and utilities are generally lower too. There is also shared responsibility for maintaining the building. This all adds to the appeal of being able to just lock-up-and-leave. 


As mentioned previously, apartments boast excellent security too. Neighbours are in close proximity, some buildings have a concierge and others have secure front doors which can only be accessed with a card or a code. All of this creates a safe-haven for anybody living there, as well as an ideal lock-up-and-leave option.


Furthermore, living so closely with other residents reinforces a sense of community one associates with village life for example.


For these reasons and more, apartments really do make lovely homes... 


We have many apartments for sale or let to suit anybody looking to downsize. Take a look here.

In the UK we have this inbred compulsion to own our own home, yet this need is completely the opposite to that of our European cousins.

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