One statement from our Prime Minister and life as we knew it changed. The strict measures known as ‘lockdown’ are forcing us all to try and come to terms with a new kind of normal. As you know, we have been advised to stay at home, this will not only help control the spread of the virus but also protect the vulnerable and your community.

At The Apartment Company we are hoping you’re all fit and healthy, but if you find yourself in a position where you need to self-isolate, it’s important to keep yourself occupied. Unlike having an unexpected day off school or work, which can seem exciting, being at home for days on end can breed anxiety, boredom and also a sense of loneliness. It’s

As a city, we know that people are attracted to what we have to offer; many come here to visit, others to study, and some decide to make it their home. Due to its location and connectivity to many other major cities, we see a large number of buyers seeking to buy a second home in Bath or the surrounding area, whether as an investment or a place to

The Rights, Obligations & Responsibilities of the 3,674 Bath Landlords and 9,075 Tenants During the Virus Outbreak

Moving home is a huge decision, one that many ponder for a long time. In Bath there is a stronger sense of taking action, rather than holding on for what may happen with, dare we say it, Brexit. Buyers and sellers are back with confidence, ready to m

A new year is often a time for setting goals and making plans for the year ahead.  At The Apartment Company we are always reviewing how we can improve our offering to both our landlords and tenants.  As landlords, we know you are used to ch

Space is often something we crave when looking for a property, yet sometimes it may not be all it’s cracked up to be.  There are many reasons why people move; it may be financial, and you may find that in your preferred location apartments

As the year is coming to an end the newly elected majority government has given a sense of certainty.  Rightmove have recently released their predictions for the price of property in Britain next year, so are the waters calming for apartments in

What is it about Bath that has drawn you and kept you here? We’re going to assume that, like us, it’s simply because you love where you live.  Whether you own or rent an apartment, your home says something about you and is part of wh

Our homes are decorated and we’re getting ready to spend time with friends and family over the next few weeks.  If you’re playing host, it can be stressful having guests, especially over the festive period as we want to ensure every

Our screens are filled with seasonal adverts, from John Lewis and Waitrose’s excitable dragon Edgar who, no matter how hard he tries, seems to spoil the town’s Christmas fun, to the Sainsbury’s Charles Dickens themed story showing F

The Bath Christmas Market is only days away – soon our beautiful Georgian streets will be decorated with 150 twinkling chalets filled with festive treats that will excite our senses.  There is nothing like walking through the market t