We all recognise how privileged we are to live in a city so steeped in history – no matter where we turn there is evidence of the past for us all to enjoy.  When you live in a city with such heritage, you become accustomed to what you see

The benefits of regular exercise are more understood today than ever before, it is not just the physical benefits but also the mental.  Cycling is one way to add activity into your life, whether you use a bike to commute to work or just for leis

Cities are often seen as places that attract young professionals, with families moving to the suburbs as children arrive.

Many properties have restrictions and limitations; these could be due to classification, such as a listed building, or their structure.

Many people believe that, should they choose an apartment to live, they will have to leave their green-fingered days behind.

Once you’ve had an offer it’s very easy to sit back, relax and start getting ready to move, but you’re now entering the sales progression phase.

Climate change is dominating the news at the moment, from the Extinction Rebellion protests in London to Greta Thunberg’s address to politicians at the Houses of Parliament.

Over the years we have strived to ensure that the experience our tenants have is a positive one.

If having over 170 regulations and legislation for landlords to follow wasn’t enough, the rules are constantly changing.

What will your new apartment look like? You have probably dreamed and dreamed of your new home, so you can describe it to a T.

We are continuing to see a rise in the number of people who work from home amongst those looking to buy or let a property.

Bath’s rental market is fast paced and strong, and to achieve a consistently good return it’s important you do all you can to attract potential tenants.